The Game of Souls
The Game of Souls

The Game of Souls a story bible

The Game of Souls is the name of the overall world in which a multitude of stories take place. It is a game of order versus chaos in which the characters aren't aware they are playing. You, me, and the characters involved have no clue that it's just some game played by the Umbra.

The Umbra is made up of all the energy of the world and it's divided by order and chaos. Each side vying for the most energy. Order plays with only a few tools at his disposal - relying on free will to win. While Chaos interferes with life in every fashion it can possibly imagine. And this is that story.

The Third Ascendant

The first series of The Game of Souls is The Third Ascendant, where we follow Nox Sétanta through his journey in becoming the third and final Ascendant of prophecy.

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